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Virgin Mobile launches Surprise Gig Tour with Wolfmother, MGMT and others

Monday May 3, 2010
To celebrate its Surprise Gig bonus data offer, Virgin Mobile has announced the Surprise Gig Tour - a series of free, last-minute music gigs around Australia to be announced via its Members' Lounge Facebook page.

Child's Play The Contenders

Thursday August 21, 2008
There's plenty for kids to do safely online, writes Adam Turner.

Games By Candlelight Add To A Fun Night

Monday March 31, 2008
JULIAN and Lexie Millgate stayed up past their bedtimes on Saturday to experience their first Earth Hour.

Norris Makes A Splash At School

Friday August 26, 2005
THERE wasn't enough Lego for the children of the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children's Preschool to build a tower as tall as 185-centimetre Olympian swimmer Justin Norris.

Healthy Treats At Preschool Party

Saturday October 18, 2003
A PARTY of preschoolers at Albion Park yesterday proved you don't need chocolate crackles and fairy bread to have a blast.

Our Children Don't Need More Of This

Sunday July 22, 2001
AUSTRALIA'S chief arbiter on the classification of cinema, video and computer games has lashed out at the entertainment industry's ignorance of the harmful effects violence has on children.

Flame Gets Even Closer

Sunday August 27, 2000
AS one of the Hunter's only indigenous runners in the Torch Relay, fleet-footed former football star Ashley Gordon will be carrying a lot more than the Games flame. ``Ash the Flash" acknowledges that he will also be carrying the pride, dreams and best wishes of the Aboriginal community.

Chorus Of Concern

Wednesday December 1, 1999
Mt Kembla Minors preschoolers are a leading voice in the environmental movement - singing songs to save the planet. The preschool was one of nine environmentally friendly community groups recognised for its contribution to a cleaner, greener region in the Healthy Cities Illawarra awards last week

Children's Shows Miss Out On Olympic Berth

Friday November 12, 1999
THE Seven Network will be allowed to drop children's programs during the Olympic Games but will make up for them at other times under an Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA) plan. ``The planned extensive coverage by the Seven Network, coupled with time zone differences across the country, mea

From Laptops To Lap-laps

Tuesday April 7, 1998
It's a tough world here on the largest island in the Pacific. Too many students in classes; but not enough children in some schools. Too few computers, laptop or otherwise; too many computer games. Too many underachieving children; too little challenge for our bright children. Not enough money,

Eight Faces, Six Sacked. Who's Minding The Children?

Saturday November 28, 1992
For 12 years imagination has created the games played by patients at the Royal Children's Hospital. In a month this essential ingredient may be crushed by Government budget cuts. Six of the hospital's eight play specialists, whose job it is to calm children before and after operations, are to get

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